The SinuLok™ device is a novel replacement for a standard rod implant used in lumbar spine surgery.  It has been designed to address the challenging issue of screw head collision, particularly in minimally invasive percutaneous pedicle screw procedures, as well as open procedures when extended tab reduction screws and/or towers are used.  Screw head or tower collision causes stress on the construct components, leading to false torque and/or false tightening where the screw/rod locking mechanism is not properly engaged. It also creates additional challenges for the application of compression and distraction forces on the construct and tissue necrosis where the extended screw tabs or towers are colliding or overlapping.

SinuLok™ reduces the struggle that surgeons experience during this final stage of the procedure, as well as the likelihood for incision extension in MIS procedures and the potential of “false torque” and “false tightening” creating subsequent construct loosening.

Animation: SinuLok™ vs. Standard Contact Comparison – Two level


Animation: SinuLok™ Compression