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ZIAN is missioned to become self-sustaining through revenue generation and we rely on charitable donations to support us on the way.

Supporting ZIAN’s Mission

At ZIAN our mission is to “apply scientific and clinical discovery to concrete neuroscience problems and develop technological advancements that will make a difference in patients’ lives.” To carry out that mission, the family of Jerry Zucker, who always shared his creative passion and entrepreneurial spirit and keen focus on education, made the landmark $5 million-dollar gift which founded ZIAN in 2012. Since that time many business-minded philanthropists have joined in supporting ZIAN on our journey to sustainability through technology licenses and sales.


Along with providing the seed funding to develop new technologies the support ZIAN receives also acts as a recruiting tool for the greatest new minds in neurosurgery. Our most recent neurosurgery resident recruitment boasts over 220 applications for just two openings, over 80 percent of applicants already had U.S. patents to their names… a testament to the culture shift which ZIAN has helped to create.

Philanthropy is Vital to Success

As we acquire and filter new ideas, develop them into technologies and ultimately license them into the market, your donations are utilized in every step of this process.  Without philanthropic support of donors like you, we would not have the resources to engage key talent in this novel development process.


By having engineers and business development personnel working alongside clinicians and researchers we are able to quickly and efficiently capture new concepts and translate them into viable technologies… just one more way we are Changing What’s Possible in Healthcare.


Will you help us bring new clinical tools and medical devices to patients in need?

In Appreciation For These Generous Donors

The Jerry and Anita Zucker Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Anastasion

The John Bachmann Trust

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Boineau

Ms. Debbie L. Bordeau

Mr. Kevin M. Dunn

Baker & Baker Foundation


Mr. Jonathan C. Farber

Ms. Mary J. Koval

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt H. Nendorf

Dr. Bruce D. Switzer

Dr. Nancey T. Tsai

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