Expandable Corpectomy Cage

Executive Summary

The Heal-X expandable corpectomy system offers several advantages over the current state of the art. The system is designed to enhance the experience of all stakeholders including the patient, the surgeon and the manufacturer. The implant and instrument are simple and robust to improve their performance. Using state-of-the-art 3D printed titanium, the implant design allows for a high strength internal structure produced at a very low cost of goods. The body and leg design allows for independent leg expansion, while maintaining space for bone graft material. The cages are capable of greater than 90% continuous expansion, reducing inventory and facilitating minimally invasive approaches. Instruments are simple and disposable to avoid cleaning and sterilization issues. Heal-X is a versatile platform technology, sized to fit cervical, thoracolumbar and lumbar anatomy and compatible with a variety of end plate configurations.


Project Status

Exclusively licensed to commercial partner

3 issued patents, many more pending