Cranial Access Port System

Executive Summary

The state of the art method for accessing the brain through a burr hole remains archaic and decades old.  Typical systems require a Mayfield Clamp, have small screws, are time-consuming, and are not MRI-compatible or CT-friendly. For the more than 200,000 patients requiring neuro-navigated surgery for stroke, tumor biopsy, or electrode placement for deep brain stimulation, this means increased procedure time and prolonged recovery.

NaviCAPTM is a “screw-less” cranial anchoring port system that installs effortlessly in seconds, is noninvasive, and allows for more robust vectoring to access deep brain pathology. The device is self-aligning and quickly anchors to a burr-hole without the use of screws or pins. NaviCAP reduces surgical time and is less invasive than current technology.


Project Status

Exclusively licensed to commercial partner

9 issued patents, many more pending