Intra-Operative Neuromonitoring Needles

Executive Summary

Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) is an invaluable technique used by medical personnel to assess the nervous system in real-time during surgery to prevent damage to the nervous system. IONM commonly uses as many as 60 disposable, sub-dermal needle electrodes in a single procedure. Needle tip exposure, either through deliberate electrode removal or by accidental dislodgement, creates a situation in which a needle stick may occur. Despite OSHA requirements for employers to implement safer needle devices, the field of IONM has not kept pace with syringes and lacks cost-effective safe needle electrode options. As a result, OR needle sticks are on the increase.

SIMelectrode™ is single-use IONM needle with expanded safety features that prevent needle sticks by only exposing the needle electrodes during deployment. The design incorporates adhesives, which eliminates the need to tape down individual electrodes. SIMelectrode was developed with enhanced workflow and decreased OR time in mind and the design improves the experience of the clinical staff and patient by: increasing safety; reducing the IOMN set-up time, thereby reducing overall OR cost; improving the signal integrity; and maintaining ease of use.


Project Status

Exclusively licensed to Rythmlink International, LLC

FDA approved

Preparing for commercial launch as the “Guardian Needle”

Patent pending