Sinusodial Fixation Rod

Executive Summary

Compression and distraction can be a challenge in minimally invasive percutaneous pedicle screw procedures, as well as in open procedures when extended tab reduction screws and/or towers are used. Collision makes compression and distraction procedures difficult and may result in inadequate locking of the construct. Sinu-Lok® is a novel rod implant designed to facilitate compression and distraction without adding any extra instruments or surgical steps. Formed by overlaying a sine wave on a standard lordotic curve, Sinu-Lok provides the surgeon greater control of screw or tower spacing and mitigates screw head interference. Sinu-Lok reduces the struggle experienced by surgeons in the final stage of the procedure and allows proper locking of the construct.


Project Status

  • Available for Licensing
  • Surgically proven in 8 patients
  • Validated in multiple extended pedicle screw and tower systems
  • Intellectual Property
    • US Design Patent
    • US Utility Application