Vertically and Laterally Expandable Interbody

Executive Summary

Designed for minimally invasive approaches, TranZformTM expandable interbody cage synchronously expands vertically and laterally resulting in improved implant stability and a maximized graft window. Continuous vertical expansion allows the surgeon to customize intervertebral spacing for each patient. Lateral expansion increases the base of support for the contacting vertebral surfaces, thus decreasing the risk of subsidence.  Additionally, expansion in both directions opens up a class-leading bone graft window.

TranZform is available in versions that differentially expand, resulting in lordotic and trapezoidal shapes. Formed by 3D printing, TranZform provides excellent bone ingrowth surfaces at a low cost of goods. The TranZform expandable interbody cage offers many advantages for patients requiring stability of the disc space and can be deployed using a variety of surgical approaches.


Project Status

Exclusively licensed to commercial partner

Final prototypes in 3D-printed titanium

Extensive cadaver-lab and bench-top validation, including dynamic ASTM F2077 feasibility run-outs in compressive shear and axial compression

Patent pending