Surgical Suction Declogger

Executive Summary

An essential part of many of the 120 million annual medical and dental procedures, suction is used to keep the surgical site or oral cavity free from fluid and debris that may impair the clinician’s view. However, debris often clogs the suction device, rendering it unusable. De-clogging the suction is time-consuming and increases the likelihood of nosocomial infections, thus impacting the hospital, clinical staff, and patient.

VayuClear is a disposable system that quickly removes obstructions from clogged surgical suctions. Sterile packed and small in size, VayuClear is placed unobtrusively in the sterile field where the clinician can quickly and efficiently access it, eliminating the need to hand-off or replace the suction device. VayuClear is an elegant solution designed to reduce OR time and procedure cost, and improve patient outcomes.

Project Status

Exclusively licensed to commercial partner

Final prototypes reliably clear simulated clogs in extensive benchtop and cadaveric testing

Designed for manufacturing, competitive COGs

Issued U.S. Patent 11,097,036 and more pending